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    The Ada Village Council met in regular session on Tuesday evening for their final meeting of 2011, and handled some year-end matters.

    The Council members passed an ordinance on emergency that modifies some of the language on employee fringe benefits, including a recommended amendment from Fiscal Officer Crystal Huffer that has the village matching dollar for dollar, the contribution to employees’ Health Savings Accounts, up to $400. The ordinance will take effect with the new year.

    Mayor Dave Retterer applauded council for their “continued, civil, pointed, and deliberate conversations” in the meetings. He described 2011 as “a goofy year” but thanked the public for stepping up and assisting the village in resolving their financial problems through the May election.

    Council President David Nelson then read a resolution to council members thanking Ernie Daugherty for his four years of service to the Village Council.

    In other council business, it was approved to give all non-union employees an increase in wages for 2012 by 2.25 percent.

    Another resolution was approved to enter into an agreement with Mannik and Smith, who will do appraisals and right-of-way services for the West Lima Phase 2 project.

    Also passed on third and final reading was the ordinance that allows for the annual budget appropriations for 2012.

    Daugherty moved, on behalf of Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger, to remove dispatcher Sherry Pitney from probationary status effective January 1, 2012, and it was approved.

    In his report, Village Administrator Jim Meyer informed council that the government will be banning the manufacture and sale of fluorescent bulbs (tubes) as soon as mid-2012. He had attended a seminar hosted by American Electric Power that explained why the bulbs will no longer be produced.

    The T-12 bulbs, which are 40 watt, are coated on the inside with a rare mineral from China. China has announced that it will be reducing its export of this mineral by 35 percent, and so the T-8 bulb will now be the only available fluorescent bulb available. The T-8 bulb is only available in four-foot size, as well. Many companies will have to change the ballasts they currently have, to support the T-8 at the four-foot length.

    At the seminar, AEP explained through their GridSmart program, they will give a $6.00 credit for every T-12 bulb that is replaced with a T-8 bulb.

    Meyer said that he has not officially counted how many bulbs the village currently uses, but wanted to make council aware of the upcoming change. He also said that with the upgrade to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the designers can implement the new bulbs, as well as other energy-saving measures.

    Meyer then said he had some good news for the council - the village’s application to apply for a $700,000 loan for the design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant was approved. Now Meyer is working on the loan application, which is due in January, 2012. He should know in April if the one percent interest loan is approved. The money will be used towards the design costs of the plant.

    The first council meeting in January was pushed back in order to give Huffer time to close out 2011, and to do the first payroll.

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