• Researchers at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors have succeeded in manufacturing high-performance blue and white LED prototypes in which the light-emitting gallium-nitride layers are grown on silicon wafers with a diameter of 150 millimeters.

    The silicon wafers replace the sapphire substrates commonly used in the industry up to now, with no loss of quality. Already in the pilot stage, the new LED chips are being tested under practical conditions, meaning that the first LEDs on silicon from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors could hit the market in as little as two years.

    This is a pioneering development for several reasons. Silicon is an attractive and low-cost option for the lighting markets of the future. Due to its already widespread use in the semiconductor industry, the availability of large wafer diameters and its very good thermal properties, silicon is an attractive and low cost option for large-volume fabrication.

    Quality and performance data on the fabricated LED silicon chips match those of sapphire-based chips: the blue UX:3 chips in OSRAM’s standard Golden Dragon Plus package achieve a record brightness of 634 mW at 3.15 volts, equivalent to 58 percent efficiency.

    These are outstanding values for state-of-the-art 1 mm chips driven at 350 mA. In combination with a conventional phosphor converter in a standard housing — in other words as white LEDs — these prototypes correspond to 140 lm at 350 mA with an efficiency of 127 lm/W at 4500K.

    “For these LEDs to become widely established in lighting, the component cost must come down significantly while maintaining the same level of quality and performance,” says Dr. Peter Stauss, project manager at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

    “We are developing new methods along the entire technology chain for this purpose, from chip technology to production processes and housing technology.” Mathematically speaking, it is already possible today to fabricate over 17,000 LED chips of one square millimeter in size on a 150 millimeter wafer. Larger silicon wafers could increase productivity even more; researchers have already demonstrated the first structures on 200 millimeter substrates.

    OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has acquired comprehensive expertise over the last 30 years in the process of artificial crystal growth (epitaxy), the foundation for this milestone in the development of new manufacturing technologies. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds these activities as part of its “GaNonSi” project network.

    “Our investments in years of research are paying off, because we have succeeded in optimizing the quality of the gallium-nitride layers on the silicon substrates to the point where efficiency and brightness have reached competitive market levels,” noted Dr. Stauss. “Stress tests we’ve already conducted demonstrate the high quality and durability of the LEDs, two of our traditional hallmarks.”


  • When I was a little girl my mother informed me, early and often, that “children should be seen, and not heard.”

    An obedient sort, I soon learned that if I would only keep my piehole closed, I was quite welcome to hover at the periphery of adult gatherings, until well past bedtime. There, I would quietly drink in the stories that would bubble up and out of various aunties and uncles whose guards were let down and tongues loosened—for better or worse—thanks to a steady imbibing of what they called “the creature” in all its shades.

    These relatives were never glad of a present moment, but once it had slipped into the ether of memory, they were happy to indulge in the sloppiest of sentiments about the glory of days gone by. In particular, they loved retelling the stories that reinforced their understanding of themselves as Irish Stereotypes in Good Standing—the “donnybrooks,” between families, the “fisticuffs” between siblings of either sex, the “shenanigans” they suspected were going on everywhere and at all times.

    Since Irish wakes usually served up the donnybrooks, fisticuffs, and shenanigans along with healthy helpings of superstition and drunken excess, the most often retold (and most often exaggerated) stories—the ones that brought table-slapping guffaws and wheezes from all sides—were tales of the in-house wakings of their beloved dead. Most infamous among these was the circa 1930 wake of one “Uncle Charlie” a child-beating brute who died of a stomach cancer but not before being written up in a medical journal, for—my mother claimed—”being the curious case of a man burning out his gut from his own acid hate.”

    My mother, who often bore the brunt of his wrath, was six or seven years old at Charlie’s passing, and she recounted approaching his laid-out body with great care, just in case he still had a slap left in him. The rest of the family had moved from the parlor (”we called them parlors, then”) to the kitchen to take either liquid or solid suppers.
    “There was a cube of ice, somewhere in that box, but I don’t know that,” she said, “and as the thing melted, Charlie shifted in the box. I screamed ‘he’s alive, he’s alive!’ and tore into the kitchen, and Uncle Joe brought me back out along with a plate of beef and carrots and potatoes and laid it on Uncle Charlie’s chest; ’shush, ye child, he just wants to be included.’”

    Hearing these stories in an age when death had been moved out of the parlor and into the funeral home, it was both spooky and exotic to consider that once upon a time people took care of their own dead; they washed the bodies and made them presentable, and then invited the neighbors in to toast him farewell, “everyone came,” my mother said. “See, they wanted to make sure he was dead, but even the mailman stepped in and tipped his hat and had a healthy dose to his memory.”

    Death, for the people of that era, and every era before, was no stranger and brought no squeamishness. There was nothing mysterious about death beyond those questions we still ask—will we see them again in the next life, and why, so often, do the good die young while old bastards hold forth for far too long? A family mourned and drank, and fought and keened and then stumbled into church for the funeral; they buried their beloved and stumbled about some more, and life went on.

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  • More than 250 Belleville Fourth Ward residents packed into the Knights of Columbus last week, marking the largest Fourth Ward Dinner Forum Councilman John Notari has hosted in his seven-year tenure. His inaugural forum boasted 25 attendees.

    “You are doing something right, and I thank you,” Notari told his constituents of their involvement in community affairs.

    And, stressing how thankful he has been for working with those residents as councilman, Notari announced that he will run for re-election in May 2012.

    Thankfulness was the overall theme last Tuesday evening, as Notari offered residents a full Thanksgiving dinner, free of charge. Residents, in turn, came equipped with canned goods to be donated to the Christ Church soup kitchen.

    On the agenda for the forum were presentations and question-and-answer periods hosted by Belleville Fire Chief Robert Caruso, Police Chief Joseph Rotonda, Deputy Police Chief Mark Minichini, Health Department Director Colleen Britton, Township Manager Victor Canning, and Fourth Ward resident George Smith.

    Smith educated residents about the ins and outs of home surveillance systems, because his— which he brought in for show-and-tell— was used by Belleville Police to make two separate robbery arrests.

    A 16-camera system, which Smith said is easy to self-install, costs around $500 from warehouse stores such as Costco.

    “The cameras are adjustable… and they record and store everything, and the information never goes away,” Smith said. The cameras can also be linked to a computer so that you can watch your home when you’re away on vacation, he added.

    “And no light at all is needed… it can be complete darkness, but the cameras have LED lights in them, so you can still see,” Smith said.

    Several Belleville residents were heard chattering to one another about purchasing such cameras, and a few asked Smith public questions on the matter.

    It is believed the bulk of this year’s cuts will come from efficiency savings, including replacing the bulbs in street lights with the more energy-efficient LED bulbs, which the council said would save about 300,000 a year.

    Council leader Barbara Janke said that in the 2011-12 budget the authority managed to make 28m of savings without having to “slash” front-line services.

    She added: “However, a large number of vulnerable people in Bristol are dependent on our services.

    “The proposals seek to protect services when possible even though this may mean a change in the way services are provided.”

    Peter Hammond, leader of the Labour group on the council, said the budget “really makes you see what the Lib Dem administration values and which groups they think it’s all right to let down with budget cuts”.

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  • Wireless Solution Sweden is now part of Sentosa, the popular island resort in Singapore which attracts millions of local and foreign visitors every year. Its most famous resident and visitor attraction - The Merlion - a 37m statue formed in the image of the fabled half-lion and half-fish guardian of Singapore recently got a makeover using W-DMX technology.

    Sentosa Development Group, which manages the Sentosa Merlion Park had decided to look into enhancing the Merlion Park’s environment with the use of creative outdoor lighting. Synergy AVL Pte, a Singapore based audio-visual and lighting system solutions company, was invited to propose a lighting solution for the island’s statuesque icon. Synergy’s project team, led by senior project engineer Chip Chong earnestly conducted a series of site surveys before deciding on which types of indoor and outdoor luminaires were best suited to fulfil the management’s requirements.

    To begin, Chip proposed to adapt outdoor wireless technology using W-DMX WhiteBox products made by Wireless Solution Sweden. The wireless setup uses one W-DMX WhiteBox Transmitter and five WhiteBox Receiver units. Not only does the use of wireless technology provide a cleaner look without any additional or exposed cables within the site, it also avoided any possibility of affecting the daily operations or serious damage to the Park from unnecessary cabling work being done.

    Synergy installed a PC base lighting control running on the Daslight Virtual Controller DMX512 software which allows the Park’s AV team more freedom to programme and operate all DMX lighting luminaires installed in the Park.

    With the different (indoor and outdoor) areas and themes in the Park, Synergy was very careful in choosing which luminaire was suitable to deliver the correct mood required for the different features in the Park. With its special water wave effect, ACME LED Wave units are installed along the bridge walkway from Sentosa resort to the Park to make the journey feel more like walking on water.

    Ten IP65 rated D.T.S. Delta 10 F RGBW LED colour changer wash lights are positioned around the Merlion to highlight the main exterior body of the Merlion. Additionally, six units of Novalight High-Ground 2000W moving-yoke fixtures are positioned in a line at the rear of the Merlion and programmed to shoot its powerful and bright moving beams up to the sky to complete its external lighting effects.

    For illumination inside the Merlion’s eyes and mouth, Synergy installed Colorbeam LML-36 and CP-50 colour changer fixtures equipped with long life LED lamp technology to replace the previous light fittings which would often break down.

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  • China wholesale bluelans is pleased to share consumers one of top seller led gadgets at bluelans online electronic store— LED watches.

    It is a time chasing eco-friendly and energy saving, therefore, LED gadgets unquestioned becomes the hot selling electronics. Due to the LED gadgets perfectly employs energy saving, green, low cost, high quality and long life, etc., all the features make LED gadgets emerge as a new force in electronic world.

    It can be said you have found the right wholesale marketplace. There are a broad range of LED watches with different style, design, color and functions. Bluelans just strongly recommends top 6 best sellers which have been welcome by the market and customers. You won’t worry about be the first one to buy it.

    Top 1 Nike LED Watches
    This is really a simple rubber sports watch. It adopts the simple square face and common rubber watchband. A special design is that it designed with the famous sports brand Nike’s logo on it. Just with the simple design and the brand logo, the simple watch succeeded to attract the attention from the public. Reasonably, the Nike LED watch is the top 1 best seller on bluelans.

    Top 2 Adidas LED Watches
    Just like the Nike LED watch, Adidas LED watches come with the almost same style and design. Like Nike, there are also multi-choices of colors. If you like the above Nike LED watch, bluelans believes that you will like these Adidas sports watches.

    Top 3 Bracelet LED Watch
    A large number of stylish led bracelet watch with led light display. Just like glamorous bracelet, if the led light not on, it can be said it is a bracelet. But light on the led, it is a practical led watch. its watch can show time and date, when you press the button. The time displays for about 6 seconds; when you press the button twice, it will display the date, then the LED light will go off in order to save power. It is right suitable for fashion girls wearing, especially in hot summer.

    Top 4 Iron Faceless Watch
    Successfully following the Japanese Iron watches design, the faceless watch designed with a top and bottom row LED lights for time and date display screen and material of Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over. It can be use in dual ways. If you don’t need to know time, you can just wear it like an iron wrist band. While want to know time, just display the LED light. It is very cool and amazing.

    Top 5 Touch Screen LED Watch
    This is also a simple design LED watch; however, it comes with a touch screen. When want to see time, you just need to touch the screen, and then it will display. Below is a simple description of operation. Big dots read 12H time and small dots read minute time. Touch watch screen 8 times to make big dots flashing, then retouch to adjust hour time; Keep touching screen again for 3-4 seconds to make small dots flash, then retouch to adjust minute time.

    In addition to the above top 5 best sellers, China wholesaler Bluelans also supplies consumers another wide selection of sports LED watches. All the simple LED watches come with low price, high quality, perfect service and amazing worldwide free shipping service.

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